QUICKjump Free Fall Device

Adventure Tower

The Adventure Tower is a thrilling new cost-effective, amusement-based tower that can support multiple adventure activities and can be easily be built to supplement your existing recreational offerings.

Installing the Adventure Tower allows many activities to exist in a vertical space, therefore maximizing
an efficient use of a small area. Catering to the exploding adventure sports industry, the design is centered on maximum participant experience and throughput, and is modular enough to allow for strong future expandability as demand for adventure sports activities increases.

The standard tower footprint can be modified and customized for your operations, and activities can be 

Free Fall 

The QUICKjump family of free fall devices were designed as a natural extension of our patented magnetic braking technology, allowing a jumper a thrilling free fall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. They give riders the sensation of a real free fall, and it makes a QUICKjump the perfect addition to a ropes course or any outdoor attraction that wants to add a real 'wow' factor.
QUICKjump is also a great attraction for amusement parks, family entertainment centers (our XS model was created specifically for indoor facilities or installations with low mounting heights), adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, and more.
It is modular and compact so it can be installed in almost any high location and moved easily, and it is affordable enough to start making a profit in a matter of hours 

FlightLine is an extreme free fall ride for theme parks, adventure parks, and carnivals that takes jumpers to heights never before dreamed. With heights up to 24.5 meters (80 feet), FlightLine provides unmatched thrills for users who want to push their limits.
As a rider standing on a platform that's eight stories tall, you experience it all: your heart starts to race, your palms sweat, your legs are heavy... One deep breath as you step off into thin air and you'll experience an extended free fall sensation that's the closest thing you can get to skydiving (without the plane and the parachute).
What makes FlightLine different from other theme park rides or amusement rides that offer a free fall attraction (like bungee jumping) is the advanced design and engineering that went into its development (modifying the staged braking to accommodate the extreme heights and mitigate risk), the softer catch (for rider comfort and a better overall experience), and a true free fall experience like no other.

hand selected to meet your operational needs. Each additional activity added to your tower will increase your tower’s overall maximum throughput, thereby increasing your rate of return on investment.

The Adventure Tower is extremely customizable
to suit your operational needs. Compatible with all Head Rush Technologies products, you can have any combination of the following activities on your tower


Zip Lining
Leap of Faith
Intro to Free Fall Rides using the TRUBLUE Auto Belay
QUICKjump Free Fall / Intermediate Free Fall FlightLine Descent / Advanced Free Fall