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We have eco-friendly activities for everyone.
Every year more than 40 million people experienced Ziplining around the globe.

Meet us in Dubai 25-27 March 2019

Now you can trade in your old QuickJump to the new QuickFlight devices. 
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Speed problems??Thats old School, now its time for you to change to Zipstop Speed. 
Contact Us and we help you with calculations and installations.  

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Get Ready for the summerseasons climbing - invest in a Trublue. Best training partner you can have.

Whats happening?
Zipline Europe are right now in Erbil and building a 4 line parall Zipline for Shingelbana resort.
25-27 March you meet us in DEAL show in Dubai.
Later this spring we will be in Germany for a Installation of 2 Ziplines with double lines.
Below pictures from eralier installation in Saudi Arabia 


                                           Scandinavian Service Center

Zipline Europe is certified by Headrush Technologies as service center for TruBlue autobelays, QuickJumps,QuickFlights and ZipStops.

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Free units when service at our center, ask us about how it works!!


Zipline Europe designs & builds exciting Ziplines, Rope Courses and together with our partners we have a lot of other  activities. 
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Zipline Europe are based in Åre- Sweden. We have been working with Outdoor Activities since 1983.

Service Center

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Maybe you are the first one to jump ?

All PPE need inspection every year.
Call us and we do the Inspection on your PPE.

We are Certified according to EU directivies.

The Adventure Tower

The Adventure Tower is a thrilling new feature that can easily be built to supplement your existing recreational offerings. Installation the Adventure Tower allows many activities to exist in a vertical space, therefore minimizing the tower footprint and maximazining an efficient use of small area.


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